There is a common misconception that small spaces automatically require narrow and shorter hardwood planks; the truth is that longer and wider boards have a greater benefit against smaller planks. The wider and longer the planks are, less seams you will have; thus, making the entire room look less busy. In addition, with lesser seams, the pattern on the wood flows better and shows less transitions from plank to plank which gives the room a more “open and cleaner” appearance.

Wider planks are trending in the market specifically because of its versatility and design advantages compared to smaller ones. Some manufacturers are pushing into the market planks as large as 12 inches wide by 12 feet long – needless to say, these planks cannot be installed just anywhere, but there are options available for any room size. You will find that by choosing planks 3 inches wide or wider, is a sure recipe to making any room look and feel bigger.